About Us

Mission statement:

The economic, educational and living conditions of the rural South have been deplorable regardless of the political party in power in the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States Government. The nation must remember that our Sons and Daughters have always answered to the call of duty to serve and protect our Country’s borders, Constitution and freedoms. The Southern Policy Center Group (“SPCG”) is dedicated to the recruitment, development and electing of center right candidates from the American South in pursuit of federal office, the United States Presidency and Congress, to help alleviate these looming social conditions. 

Vision statement:

SPCG is a resource for center right southern candidates providing position education, research, white papers, innovative proposals, media coaching and financial support. 

Our goal:

The leadership of the SPCG has extensive experience in southern politics as well as the interworking of the federal government and desires to share that knowledge and help center right southern candidates pursing federal offices. It is our opinion that it is a basic lack of understanding of the modern electoral process, combined with an equal misunderstanding of how governmental departments and agencies work that has led to consistent underperforming of rightward leaning candidates and the corresponding resurgence of the left. It is further our opinion, that, unless we who occupy the right of center in American politics become better organized and insist on our candidates being better educated and trained in the nuances of modern American elections, we will continue to be governed by an extreme set who are out of step with the values and principles of the majority of the country. So many times voices in the American South have gone unheard and ignored on national debates. This pattern of hearing from national political parties every four years and the brash attitude of “what other choice do they have” will no longer be the playbook for candidates pursuing federal office in the South. 

It is our goal to not only help center right candidates pursue federal office in the American South, but to provide new ideas which will create a better Government for the next millennium which will in return improve our Neighborhood, Community, City, State and Nation for all Americans.


The SPCG is a Hybrid 527 Political Action Committee. We support candidates who advocate the principles of limited government, low taxes and fiscal responsibility . If you would like to be a contributor, please click on the donate tab above. Contributions are unlimited from individuals, corporations and associations.